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Everyone has a different skin tone, and everyone has different ideas about the kind of tan they want for their wedding day.


Sienna-x has six different shades of tan, plus an express tan to choose from.


But which shade is right for you?


Finding the right spray tan shade is a personal thing. And just like when you're choosing a foundation, you'll need to try a few shades to find exactly the tone that will suit you best. Just like your dress fitting, and your hair trial, you'll want to be sure your tan is right for you, so we would recommend having at least one or two trials before the big day.


One trial, plus tan for the day

£42.00 (original)

£48.00 (express)


Two trials, plus tan for the day

£60.00 (original)

£70.00 (express)


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Or why not host your own tanning party for yourself and the bridesmaids?  Goody bags and discounts available.

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