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Hydrotherm Massage

Utopia is the only salon in the area offering this highly beneficial massage service!


Ten times more beneficial than a conventional massage, the Hydrotherm massage allows the client to lay face up throughout the entire treatment, eliminating the annoying stage of turning over halfway through a relaxing massage.  As we only want the best for our clients, we only offer Hydrotherm massage services rather than conventional Swedish, so we know our clients will get the most comfortable, most beneficial treatment possible.

Consisting of two water cushions heated to body temperature, the client is in constant contact with heat allowing the muscles to relax even before the treatment starts.


The water ensures the body is kept in perfect spinal alignment, giving the client a more beneficial treatment, increasing the circulation and removal of toxins. The therapist slides their hands under, over and around the client's body in an uninterrupted motion using the client's own bodyweight as a source of pressure and water displacement instead of lifting the client.

And it feels great!

This treatment is especially good for heavily pregnant women (click on the link below for more information).


Full Body Massage

60mins      £40.00

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30mins      £29.50



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